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Orior v. to rise (Latin)

Parkour Brand/Team


March 31, 2022

Team Members:

Two Athletes

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Our Message

          Having experienced traumatic events in life, consumed by poor habits, and the plague of perfectionism, continually we overcome these hardships with parkour and wish to inspire others to do the same. With America being somewhat of a laughing stock in this sport, we not only want to revitalize its community, but add a new rich culture, parkour and all other communities can enjoy.

Meet The Team


          We want to highlight the parkour mentality and its carryover into personal growth for everyday life. We want to influence others into trying parkour or following their passions. Newcomers and ourselves, feel like we have to live up to the standards of the current best athletes, when in reality the community will support you regardless of your level - that is if you are a good person. 

          We are competing against ourselves, no one else. We may not be the best, but we want to bring you on our journey to follow our progression, and through quality content we wish to show that anyone can practice this sport and have an immense amount of fun while doing so.



If it weren't for Parkour, I would be dead... 

FOunder/Creative Director/
Head Coach/athlete



Owner/Gym director/Head coach/Athlete

When you overcome the challenges before you, you can overcome anything

This is ORIOR parkour
Birthed in the fires of Phoenix Arizona

Together we will RISE FROM THE ASHES

Let's Get Social

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