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Cai Garcia

Founder/Gym Director/

Head Coach/athlete

Date of Birth: 

July 25, 1999

Training Time:

11 Years

Favorite Training Style:


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A Bit About Me

When we make an impression on someone's life, no matter how big or small, we leave a permanent impact on them that will carry on and continue to be passed down again and again. In that way, we live on well passed our time on this earth. Nothing can stop us. I plan to use what I have learned through the hardships in my life and through parkour to leave a legacy on those who wish to join the Parkour movement. “Nothing Can Stop Me” ~Freelove

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Throughout my life I have always been a nomad. Constantly moving, never in one place long enough to become a “regular”. The one thing I could always be familiar and comfortable with was the ever-stretching rivers of pavement banked with the high reaching architecture. I began to appreciate this never-ending landscape as art and respect it just the same. I learned to adapt to my surroundings and live symbiotically with them. Parkour taught me that I have a place on this earth no matter where I end up. I have learned many valuable lessons along the way and met some truly wonderful people. I hope, through my story, I can help and inspire others just as I was. 

"Balance above all else. Life, in movement and most of all, in Love." -Ryland Mount

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