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Image by Zakaria Zayane

Lincoln Barnes

Founder/Creative Director/

Head Coach/athlete

Date of Birth: 

December 14th, 2002

Training Time:

7 Years

Favorite Training Style:


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A Bit About Me

        For so long have I been afraid of judgement, for so long society has casted their norms upon me, and for so long have I followed them. Now I do not give a fuck. Now I will do what I want to do. Now I will do what makes me happy, because if it makes me happy it doesn’t have to make sense to anyone else. Plagued by perfectionism I’ve avoided the pursuit of my dreams because long term I believed I would fail. Knowing now that what we avoid controls us, I’m abandoning my pressures of perfectionism and taking control. Failure is for certain if I never try, but so long as I never quit, I’ll never fail. 


        We work hard all our lives to leave with nothing but our memories and experiences, and some people don’t even leave with those. To never forget them I want to document them all so others and myself may cherish them when I am no longer apt enough to remember even my own family members. 

"People believe me to be reckless or that I’ve got a death wish, but without this sport I’d certainly not be here today."

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